About Natalie

Natalie started painting professionally shortly after moving to Shropshire in 2003, following her earlier formal training in fine art and later, stage and set design.  She began working on a series of intricate flower and bird portraits, which she feels that Georgia O’Keefe, Karl Blossfeldt and early 17th century Dutch painters such as Ambrosius Bosschaert have heavily influenced.
She has had several well received exhibitions throughout Great Britain, for example; the Judith Blacklock Gallery in Knightsbridge, several Cork Street galleries in London, Birmingham City Art Gallery and the Royal Academy.


The flower or bird itself is just the starting point for an abstract study of transparency, colour and form. The effects of sunlight and shadows are having an increasing effect on my work; the subtlety of colours becomes a unique moment in time. Each subject is so different, offering delicacy and detail but at the same time strength and vitality. It’s these differences that fascinate me and I try to capture that essence in my work. I want the viewer to have the experience that is beyond that of the image in nature; therefore, the scale of my work is important. By enlarging the scale, the nature of the subject is intensified, and enables the viewer to become surrounded by the beauty of the subject.


I often work from photographs translated onto a large-scale canvas.  The focus is then increased to enable the viewer to be surrounded and drawn into what becomes an abstract concept of colour and shape.


The subject is intensely studied to identify the form and movement derived from the use of colour. My interest ranges from capturing the delicacy of a petal or feather while also showing the strength within the subject; this is then emphasized by the background where a minimum distraction is sought.


The canvases range in size but start from 30x30 inches increasing to 50x70 inches for some of the later studies. The medium is oil built up in layers over a number of weeks to create a vivid and translucent finish.